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ardea consulting was established in 1997 to provide science-based consulting services specializing in ecological risk assessments, avian and wildlife toxicology and ecotoxicology. We work with clients to provide technical solutions to address regulatory and other ecological or environmental toxicology issues.

Since its founding, ardea consulting has worked principally on evaluating pesticide effects on birds and other wildlife. The experience gained is readily transferable to other contaminant groups. Projects have included field evaluation of potential exposure of wildlife to pesticides, metals, or PCBs, participation in ecological risk assessments, and preparation of research papers on various topics. In the summer of 2001, we relocated from Morrisville, Pennsylvania to Woodland, California. Our ecotoxicologists travel as needed; work has been conducted throughout the U.S. and Canada.

ardea provides technical advice and services while keeping the solutions as straightforward as possible. We fully investigate all issues and all available information is studied before we propose generating additional and possibly costly new data.

ardea consulting works to:

Provide Ecological Risk Assessments concerning impacts of contaminants on birds and other wildlife;
Assess contaminant effects on birds and other wildlife;
Evaluate impacts of pesticides on birds and other wildlife;
Review and compile scientific field research and data/literature;
Plan and document pesticide effects studies to meet requirements for submission to the U.S. EPA;
Collect wildlife specimens or other environmental samples, prepare samples for chemical analysis, and interpret analytical results;
Draft project reports and research proposals;
Review ecotoxicology data and reports;
Provide an additional informed opinion on an issue.

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ardea provides efficient, high quality service while following the most cost-effective procedures.

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